110kt Cora Sun-Drop is the world’s largest yellow pear-shape diamond

The National History Museum in the UK has added to its rich treasures, the 110-carat Cora Sun-Drop, claimed to be the world’s largest known vivid yellow pear-shape diamond. It was mined in Africa and lent to the museum by Cora International, the company that crafted the original rough diamond. The diamond gained its color from the minimal amount of nitrogen in its carbon structure making it extremely rare in nature. The museum’s Vault gallery will display the Sun-Drop for six months. The Vault is ‘a permanent gallery dedicated to some of nature’s most rare, unique and valuable treasures’.


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Victoire De Castellane’s Fleurs d’Excès collection

The hallucinogenic allusions have tripped and excited a lot of designers all over the world. And Dior Haute Joaillerie designer Victoire de Castellane has been one of them. With the latest design Fleurs d’excès (“Flowers of Excess”) the artist brings back the magic of intoxicating drugs on floral patterns.

The signature collection with has been crafted with yellow and white gold and spots precious stones like opals, colored sapphires, mandarin garnets, spinels, diamonds and petrified wood. De Castellane’s intricately made hybrids each contain a wearable element, becoming “jewelry at rest, waiting to be worn.

The distorted flowers can be plucked from the rings, necklaces and cuffs to mix and match with your attire.


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Artya Art Piece Liquid Dial

Limited edition watches cannot get more exclusive than this! The one-piece-only Artya Art Piece Liquid Dial is not just a watch; it’s a beautiful piece of collectible art! The case can be picked up with satin steel finished or black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) clad dial coating. Moreover the dial features colored liquid that gives it a unique feel. Running on the Swiss automatic movement, the watch is finished with a rubber strap covered with the “Alzavel” fabric which is completely waterproof.


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A Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The name itself sounds so exotic that you are drawn to it immediately. A Princess cut engagement ring – the perfect ring to spoil and pamper your lady? Yes, it is definitely one that will win her over. The name is attractive but what exactly is it? Read on to find out more about Princess cut Engagement rings.


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The Jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels

The Jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels examines the renowned jewelry firm’s significant historical contributions to jewelry design and design innovation, particularly during the 20th century.

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